Painting the Human Experience

Artist Statement

I'm a wife, I'm a mother, I'm a sister, I'm a friend. My relationships are ever-evolving. When nurtured and tended they grow and thrive. When neglected or abused, they atrophy or disintegrate. We are all changing and shifting constantly, and our connections flex around us. I'm fascinated by the nature of relationships, be them familial or friendships, love, lust or contractual. They all start somewhere and end somewhere else. It's this journey that I choose to explore, and I approach each new artwork as if it were a new relationship, taking me along for the ebb and flows, highs and lows, heart full and heart broken.

What Connects Us?

Start conversations and find common threads.

What Inspires You?

Know what speaks to you, and seek more of it.

What are you Missing?

Find the gaps in your life and fill them with substance.